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Stay on top of your competitors’ hiring patterns, changes in organizational structure or key executives, and regional or functional expansion to gain a competitive edge
Compare your organization against industry peers, identify ideal merger & acquisition candidates, and obtain actionable internal workforce reports for data-driven succes
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Utilize workforce signals to secure a strategic edge and thrive in an evolving labor market by gaining insights into employment rates, hiring trends, and skill requirement

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Remote work in current labor market
Embracing boundless horizons of remote work and adjusting to the new world
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"Skills matrix" and its importance in an organization's talent strategy
Visually mapping employee skills, identifying knowledge gaps to enhance performance
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How progressive organizations leverage DE&I?
Progressive organizations harness the power of DE&I for a brighter future
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”We have incorporated Aura insights into our standard due diligence to enhance investment decision-making. Being among the first users, I’ve seen the product development done by the team in the last 2 years. Aura is the best source of workforce insights for deal-making."
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"We reduced time to insights from weeks to hours. Aura’s data, insights, customization and responsiveness are unparalleled."
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