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Harness the potential of critical decision-making underpinned by credible workforce intelligence. Make insights-driven decisions, develop future-fit strategies, increase productivity and reduce costs with Aura

Aura is the premier SaaS Workforce Analytics and insights platform

Aura enables you to efficiently make data-driven decisions by equiping you with valuable workforce insights in minutes, drastically streamlining the cumbersome and costly process of gathering and analyzing workforce data

Aura is a Trusted and Invaluable Resource

Matthew Quinn​
Partner, London office​
"We get our analysis done quicker to focus on the insights for our clients"

“Aura is great for helping us filter down to what is important in the data. We get our analysis done quicker to focus on the insights for our clients”​

Catherine Curtis​
Consultant, Chicago office​
“We can make more reliable assumptions in our models”

"Aura allows us to fill in the gaps in our analyses; using available workforce data, we can make more reliable assumptions in our models”​

Brent Heslop
Head of Global M&A, Business Transformation
“Aura data is very promising”

Aura data is very promising and it creates insights on sizing that we have not seen in the market”​

Emily Lau
Head of Executive Talent​
“Support our investment thesis”

"Aura lets us use alternative data points to support our investment thesis and is a critical directional view on talent in managing out investments.”

Aura's Workforce Analytics is powered by

Over 1BN Data Points from over 12 Different Data Sources (and growing!)​

500M +

Job Postings

1B +

Employee Profiles

20M +


20M +


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