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Aura for Business Consultants
Leverage Aura to enhance your services across all client touchpoints, whether  to win new business, advise on private equity deals, or support strategy engagements
Client Development​
Surface new business opportunities by leveraging "outside-in" workforce analysis and competitor benchmarking demonstrating your ability to identify strategic insights and create new engagements. Map roles of prospective client’s organization and compare to key competitors.
Role mapping
How does my prospective client’s marketing / brand headcount compare to key competitors?​
Benchmark the attrition of a particular team or company relative to industry
Flow of talent
Analyze geographic distribution of your client and peers to identify opportunities to optimize labor sourcing

Strategic Capabilities​
Aura enables consultants to leverage a broad variety of data sources that have been validated and standardized to drive workforce insights more efficiently than previously possible. These insights from the platform are used to serve clients across a variety of industries supporting strategic decision making, performance improvement, and workforce optimization.
How does the allocation of headcount for various functional areas compare to their competitors?​
Workforce efficiency
What is the revenue per employee in certain functions relative to market?​
Talent flow
From where do the client’s competitors source employees by geography, education, previous company?
 ‍What is the employee turnover as a whole or by functional area, or title relative to competitors​?
Are there additional geographies to consider leveraging for talent based on a how competitors are sourcing talent​?

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