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Aura provides comprehensive workforce insights for businesses, both private and public. Founded by Bain & Company, Aura was created to revolutionize the way companies understand workforce dynamics in their industry.
Our goal is to make data collection quicker, easier, and more efficient for users by using generative AI and other innovative technologies.
We analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns, and create a comprehensive view of organizations and industries.
We truly believe that the supply chain of the workforce is a part of the financial lexicon for any and every organization.
We make decisions easier for you
Unparalleled data
We have access to a growing number of datasets, covering almost a billion professionals around the world. We are building the largest workforce-specific dataset to date.
Single source of truth
Our dataset is continuously refreshed, delivering near real-time insights on the workforce, their skills, their movements, and trends globally across industries & geographies.
Domain expertise
We completed to date 500+ custom client projects leveraging our rich database, data experts and Bain & Company’s strategy consultants.
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