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Aura for Investors
Aura helps Investment and Private Equity teams make better decisions
across the full life cycle of their investments
Aura supports deal origination through providing valuable workforce data to aid in potential target identification and screening 
Search our vast database of over 20M public and private companies of all sizes and types and spanning the globe
Easily refine your searches using the intuitive Aura portal
Due Diligence
Aura replaces costly, manual and error prone workforce analysis to support the due diligence process
Uncover workforce advantages relative to other players
Pressure-test the stability of the business based on hiring and attrition patterns
Assess the target’s leadership team and whether they have the skills and capabilities required to lead the business through the post-acquisition phase and realize growth plans as well as whether there are sufficient succession options
Assess where the company is overweight in terms of organizational structure
Build out your value-creation thesis based on workforce insights and reliable data
Portfolio Monitoring and Optimization
Aura provides up-to-date data and curated queries to support operating team’s ongoing monitoring and oversight of portfolio companies
Identify talent and skills gaps across portfolio companies in order to remain competitive
Identify margin-expansion opportunities based on best-in-class workforce ratios competitors
Review best-in-class ratios for commercial excellence and how your investment’s digital capabilities compare to competitors
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