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Aura Partner Program ​
Leverage Aura to enhance and expand your business by becoming a valued partner. ​
Whether you're looking to drive revenue, expand your reach, or strengthen client relationships, our partner program offers opportunities for growth and success.​
Value Added Reseller​
Expand your product portfolio and bundle your consulting/advisory and analytical services with Aura for your current and prospective clients​
Referral Partner​
Referring Aura to your current clients, prospects and network to generate revenue through introduction of our valuable capabilities.​
Integrated Data Partner​
Add Aura’s expansive data to your own analytics offering to provide valuable workforce data and insights to support your user base​
As an Aura partner, you'll receive comprehensive training, cros promotion and sales support to ensure success​
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Get in touch with our partnership team today to learn more about how we can collaborate for mutual success.​
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