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Why Aura
Reducing Costs
Replace costly, human resource heavy, manual web-scraping and research  with ​unlimited on demand access to billions of standardized up to date data points
Increasing Speed to Delivery
Empower your teams to perform in minutes analyses that previously took days to complete​
Improving Analysis Quality
Access granular, comprehensive and up- to-date data while reducing human error associated with manual web-scraping and data aggregation
How our clients leverage Aura
Our clients leverage Aura's insights to make better informed decisions and surface opportunities for business improvement
Functional organizational structure
Understand the structure of a company’s workforce
Company workforce dynamics
Understand headcount growth, attrition, demographics, and geographic distribution and more.
Organizational capability assessment
Assess areas of strengths and gaps in a company’s capabilities
Talent supply and demand
Understand the talent landscape in terms of types of occupations, jobs, skills, etc.
Competitive benchmarks
Identify strengths and opportunities by comparing companies from a workforce perspective
Portfolio and company monitoring
Track performance and identify signals on selected companies
Impacts of emerging trends, such as GenAI
Understand impact of workforce trends on how companies are hiring such as AI job posts, number of AI-related employees and much more.
With Aura, seize the data and
lead the market.
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