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We pride ourselves on hiring exceptional people to support our growth

Evan Sohn

New York

Setarah Lotfi

New York

Davide Veronese

Head of Product

Dishanth Umamaheshwara

Head of Customer Success

Cragun Liston

Head of Business Development
Los Angeles

Yuging Coco Fu

Senior Director, Channel

Beatrice Costa

Senior Director, Sales EMEA/APAC

Joseph Yo

Enterprise Account Executive
Los Angeles

Yasaman Haghigi

Senior Software Engineer

Timo Ussher

Senior Software Engineer
Buenos Aires

Michael Delgado

Senior Software Engineer
New York

Sarah Bartolomei

Chief of Staff

Harlan Eplan

Strategy Consultant

Marco De Cristofaro

UX Designer
Core Values
Innovative and People First Culture
We’re looking for smart, creative people who enjoy building new things with accountability, collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement as our success pillars. We put our people first and know that happy, engaged employees make for better products and a better company. 
Check your Ego at the Door
Forget about traditional hierarchies. We operate with a flat management structure that encourages collaboration and participation at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, you'll have the opportunity to contribute and participate in the company's strategy, product roadmap and key decision-making process.
Diversity Drives Us 
From different backgrounds and cultures to varied work experiences, we celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our team. Together, we foster an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued.
Speed and Risk Don’t Scare Us
We thrive on agility and responsiveness to our market and valued clients and we're not afraid to take risks or make bold decisions fast. We don’t get bogged down by indecision.  We move quickly, adapt to change, and embrace innovation. 
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