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Aura Industry Trends - March 2024
We believe that having access to the latest hiring data can unlock valuable insights into recruitment trends.

Every month, we analyze the latest publicly available job posting data to look for overall shifts by geography & sector, as well as uncovering trends in particular skills or job attributes like AI or remote jobs. These trends can help to strategically guide your next move, regardless of whether you are an employer or candidate.
Here are three of the most interesting findings from March’s job posting figures:
Between February and March 2024, new job postings continued to increase across most regions, albeit at a slower rate compared to last month. North America witnessed 5%, EMEA 2% and APAC by 14%, whereas LATAM saw a decline of 4%. This decline in LATAM follows a period of economic slowdown as Brazil, Colombia and Mexico all reported growth below expectations.

Staffing & Recruiting, Hospital & Healthcare and IT & Services continue to be the leading industries in terms of job postings, despite a decline compared to last month for Staffing & Recruiting and Hospital & Healthcare. The top 10 industries by new job postings remains largely the same as February, as shared in our previous hiring trends report.
After a temporary dip in December 2023 of 2%, demand for AI-related jobs continued to increase with new AI job postings in March being 14.9% higher compared to February 2024. This comes despite following a period of significant Tech lay-offs, supporting our notion that companies are swapping out their staff for those with more desirable skillsets in software engineering.

Most of the top 5 industries saw an increase in new AI job postings, apart from IT & Services (-14%). Financial Services continues to see the highest growth at 89% this month compared to 76% growth in February. In terms of change vs February, Motion Pictures & Film saw the largest increase at 188% while Computer Hardware saw the largest decrease at 27%.
New remote jobs increased slightly by 1.5% compared to February, with the proportion of remote jobs out of total job postings also declining slightly (6.6%). This is off the back of a period of continued steady decline as employers are gradually shifting back to the traditional on-site work model.
At Aura, we make workforce & job posting data readily available, to enable a deeper understanding of workforce & recruitment trends and drive meaningful change.
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Dishanth Umamaheshwara / Caro-Joy Barendse
Associate Product Manager / Project Manager, Aura

Note: All information mentioned in this report comes from publicly available data; if you believe the information on your company is incorrect, please reach out to us at
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