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Aura Industry Trends - December 2023
We believe that having access to the latest hiring data can unlock valuable insights into recruitment trends.

Every month, we analyze the latest publicly available job posting data to look for overall shifts by geography & sector, as well as uncovering trends in particular skills or job attributes like AI or remote jobs. These trends can help to strategically guide your next move, regardless of whether you are an employer or candidate.
Here are three of the most interesting findings from December’s job posting figures:
US December job postings increase, in line with The Guardian:
Between November and December, new job postings increased in North America by 2%, EMEA by 1%, and LATAM by 36%, while they decreased in APAC by 4%. This trend aligns with The Guardian’s report on US job openings in December, which showed a surge in job openings that exceeded economists' expectations. Despite a surge in activity in the last month of the year across various regions, 2023 concluded with significantly less activity compared to 2022.
Employers are becoming less remote-friendly
Interestingly, we are witnessing a decline in new remote job postings, most notably in December, with Staffing & Recruiting down by 18% and IT & Services by 3%. Overall, there has been a significant decrease in remote job openings over the last six months (a decrease of more than 20%). This trend signals that employers are altering their post-COVID strategy, gradually shifting back to the traditional onsite work model. This move may serve as a solution to common challenges associated with remote work, such as maintaining employee engagement, managing time differences, and ensuring effective communication.
AI-related roles stabilizing, with growth especially in Computer hardware and Marketing & advertising
Although AI continues to be a high-demand topic with ongoing discussions about its applications in the workforce, there was no significant growth in AI-related postings in December, reflecting a slight decrease of 2%. This trend is spurred by a correction in new AI-related Financial Services roles, which dipped by 40% following a ~70% rise the previous month. On the other hand, there was a significant increase in demand for AI skills in the Computer Hardware sector (+140%) and Marketing & Advertising sector (+73%). Looking at data from the past six months, we note that while AI and all its related aspects remain highly popular, it may require some time before we see a significant effect on the job market.
At Aura, we make workforce & job posting data readily available, to enable a deeper understanding of workforce & recruitment trends and drive meaningful change.
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Dishanth Umamaheshwara / Abylay Jetmekov
Associate Product Manager / Product Manager, Aura

Note: All information mentioned in this report comes from publicly available data; if you believe the information on your company is incorrect, please reach out to us at
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